Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tesslyns Monky Dress!

So If you know my daughter, she is really into MONKEYS!
Ever since her Aunt Natalie gave her a Monkey Stuff Animal.
she named him Ooh Ahh Ahh.
she takes him everywhere!
anyways for her second Brithday I decided to do a Monkey Theme!
and I made her a monkey dress!

for the dress I used part of this dress Link (the sleeves and back) and I used The Playdate dress for the top Link from! they have so many cute tutorials

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Apron and Mitts :)

So I made this for my little Girl for her Birthday!!!
for the patterns I used for the Mitt:
I just winged it on the 2 Mitts and apron I kinda followed the link below it but I made it smaller. since my girl is 2 and the pattern is made for a 3 year old.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween Spider, Clown and Snow White Costume

I made this for my other Friends Daughter that's 2 weeks younger then Tess.
Shes going to be a Spider and Her mommy is going to be the Web :)
Its going to be so cute.

The legs are attached to her arms!

for my friends little boy.i just made a baggy jumpsuit.



This is for my friends sister daughter that's going to be 8 months old!
she's going to be Snow White!
Cant wait to try it on her!

What I used:
White Long sleeve onesie
Blue Rid Tie and Rubberband
2.5 yrds Thick red Ribbion: for waist and hair bow
1 yrd yellow Tutu
one 3 yard gold skinny gold/white trim
1/4 yd red tutu
1/4 light blue fabric
sample piece of sparkle red fabric for apples
sample piece of gold for apple leafs
 red headband
1/4 yellow fabric for shoes
1 yd skinny elastic for
Velcro for shoes
1/4 white fabric
1/4 interfacing
1/2 red fabric for cape
Snap Buttons ((to hold cape))
heat and bond

For Onesie I placed a stick on top of the bowel of dye and had the sleeve rubber band off and tied them around the stick so only the body would die blue.
after that was done I added the red tutu onto the sleeves I and then added the elastic and attached them to the shirt.
then I added the gold trim on the front and sleeves like a V
after that I sewed the tutu and sewed it on to the shirt then added the red ribbon around it.
I made a cute bow and added a apple and sewed it in place.
 *for the apples I used heat and bond before sewing them so the leaf stayed in place. and apple stayed on the ribbon.
for cape I sewed two red squared together and left one of the short ends open and flipped it then I put the interfacing on the white part so I was more stiff and folded it over the red open part of the cape and sewed it shut.
I added 3 snaps on the cape and the shirt. so she can take it off you can use Velcro too if you want.
for the shoes I just used this pattern click here and added the bows and apple and I added the elastic on the heel.