Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What I Wrote In Her Baby Book

1st Month Nov - Dec 6

This month has been really FUN! your always need to be held and right when i put you down you start to scream your head off. your face goes cherry red. And right when i pick you up you stop. your such a stinker. I already went through 300 diapers, you go the the bathroom so much. You love your vitamins, but its probably because it taste like sugar. I never heard a baby grunts as much as you do. its the cutest thing, we call you our little billy goat. I'm so happy to have you in my life, even with no sleep.

2nd Month Dec- Jan 6

You learned how to smile when someones talking to you. Its so Adorable. you're trying to laugh and talk now. you found your tongue, so you're always sticking it out. and when i touch it you get a BIG smile on your face. And when someone else is holding you, you're always have a eye on me, I just love when I feed you and you just stare into my eyes. and It was your first Christmas! even thou daddy wasn't there we still had a good Christmas. you looked so cute in your Christmas PJ's aunt Natalie got you. I cant believe how fast your growing.

3rd Month Jan- Feb 6

You Found you're Voice! and you squeak when you Laugh (1/18) you're always trying to talk back when anyone talks to you and you make the cutest kissing noises (1/18) its so funny. oh and you found you Feet! you looked so shocked when you found them you just stared at them for 30 mins, you tried so hard to grab them but your arms are still flapping around like a little birdy.You got to see daddy for the first time (1/28) you just loved snuggling against his chest. and you got blessed this month on the Feb 5th 2012 in mt pleasant, you cried through the whole thing. but daddy gave you amazing blessing. oh and you had your blessing on super bowl day :) you're getting so big your our little chunk. on (2/4) we went out to eat with grandma and grandpa Cruz and aunt Natalie and uncle josh, while we were eating this lady asked if you we're storing nuts for the winter. ha ha. I just love you cheeks there so big and cute! I just love kissing them. you weigh around 13 pounds right now.

4th Month Feb - March 6

First Road Trip we drove to Kentucky Fort Knox, that's were daddy is station in the army. it was a 26 hour drive and i have to say you we're so good. You talk a lot now specially in the Morning time and Night time. and you suck on every ones hands you just love sitting on our lap and suck on our hands. on 3/3/12 you Learned how to Suck on your Thumb! now you always have it in your mouth. and your very ticklish you laugh and giggle super loud. You learned how to grab toys and put them in your mouth. you had you First Vacation this month! (3/26-31/12) we went to Florida and went to Disney World and the beach. you had so much fun. you loved meeting Winnie the Pooh and you thought the sand on the beach was pretty funny feeling.

5th Month March - April 6

You're first St Patricks Day and Easter! for St. Patricks day you were dressed up in a festive onesie and had two green clips in your hair. For Easter you were in a white dress with lavender flowers on it. you had a cute white sweater to go with it. and a white headband with 3 white flowers. you looked like a little angel in it. you were so adorable. the Easter bunny brought you a Easter basket filled with fun things. your milestones this month - You have been grabbing everything in sight, you're getting really good at picking thing up your my little vacuum. and your always swinging your hands every where, daddy and  I have to watch out when your close because your always smacking us.

6th Month April - May 6

You rolled over for the first time! (4/3) every time i put you on your back you roll onto your stomach! and than you get really excited but when you cant roll back onto your back you start to freak out. its pretty fun watching you learn new things. You finally ate solid foods for the first time! (4/23)  you had bananas and you loved them! you couldn't get enough of them you ate 2 jar fulls. on (4/27) you had Peas and wow what a face, you didn't really like them. you kept turning your head and gagging on them. you made the silliest faces when eating them. and may 3rd you tried pears, you ate them but i can tell there not you're favorite. it took you along time to eat them. your so dang cute. Oh and you we went to see the Best fireworks of the nation over the Ohio River. it was amazing and they had jets flying over the river all day.

7th Month May - June 6

Yay! you learned to roll on your back!your our little Rolly Polly now! when you see something far you want you start rolling towards it. :) This month you tried an Avocados (5/7) and Sweet Potato's (5/11) you kept spitting out the avocado you wouldn't even swallow it. and for the sweet potato you loved it! you ate the whole jar!On May 8th was daddy's and Mommy's anniversary and so we decided to go to the Movies (the hungry games) Never again , you weren't crying you were just wanting to play and you were making cute loud nosies so i had to hold you by the entrance the whole movie. you wouldn't fall a sleep. and on May 12th your first right bottom tooth appeared! i can tell it bugs you, you get really cranky. and you started to say Dada! you don't know what it means but it sure is cute. you just say Dada Dada Dada all day long. on may 22nd you and I went to Utah, It was your first time flying. you did really good you just played with the tray. but when we got to Utah you got a bad ear ache. i felt so bad.

8th Month June - July 6

You starting to learn how to crawl! you get your booty up in the air and you start to rock back and forwards. you know how to move your feet but you trip over your arms. you haven't figured out how to move your arms just yet. (6/1) You found your feet again and now your trying to eat them. ha ha. (6/13)  well on June 20th You finally learned how to Crawl ! each day you get better at it. and now that you crawl you follow me every where! I love It!

9 Months July - Aug 6

Finally!!! you learned how to say Mama! (7/14) and you learned to say on on daddy's birthday :) and you learned how to stand up by holding onto furniture. you love holding onto furniture and standing. and you had your first 4th of July! we went to a brunch at our church and then we had a little BBQ with daddy's friend at our house and on July 7th we went to Louisville and went and saw the biggiest Bat made, at the slugger museum. and lately we been going to the water park while daddy's at work. you love the water! you love splashing in it. your such a little busy bee lately. you also learned how to clap your hands, you clap all the time now. you think its so funny (8/1)

10 Months Aug - Sept 6

You made a new friend name Ian. you guys play all the time. he's 6 months older than you. and on Aug 25 we went on a 6 mile hike you sat on daddy's back in a carrier, you had a lot of fun. you loved looking at everything. :) and I found some of my old PJ'S when i was your age and they fit your perfectly.you look so dang cute in them. Daddy taught you to shake your head NO! (8/10) so now were in big trouble you always say no now. and on September 5th you learned to wave goodbye. you wave bye to every one.  

11 Month September -  October 6

I taught you how to Blow Kisses, you're so cute when you do it. you put your hand to your mouth and then when you move it away you make a MAUH! noise. Its so Cute! (9/6) and you learned how to give kisses! after daddy got home from work i told you to give daddy a kiss so you made fishy lips and you lean towards him and then you opened your mouth super wide and said MUAH! it was so adorable. you gave us kisses all night long (8/11) on Oct 4th you learned to dance, every time you hear music you start to rock side to side and shaking your head. its so funny. and you found the Toilet paper! Uh Oh! you took it all off the roll and were dragging it all over the house. you have been so silly lately.

12 Months October - November 6

You love making New noises with your mouth. you're always trying to find new ways to make nosies. you have some pretty strong lungs your so noisy. and you love BaThTiMe! right when you hear the water running you crawl to the tub stand up and try to jump in. you love baths! an on Oct 15 you took your First Step! you didn't notice you did, but i sure did! and by Oct 25th you were walking like a pro. and you're getting into everything! and your new saying is "What is That" and you point to things. you picked it up from your friend Ian because that's all he says so I'm pretty sure you don't know what your saying but its pretty dang cute when you say it. and lately you give everybody and every thing kisses. when ever i ask for a kiss you usually will give me one. and you learned how to get us to pick you up, you will walk to our legs and open your arms wide and look up. ha ha I love it. and you always hug our legs and bury you head into them. and when i ask were you eyes are you point to my eye and say EYE but you say it in a really cute way. and you know where your nose is too but you don't know how to say nose. and This was your First Halloween! you were so cute in your lamb costume and mommy was dressed up as mary for mary had a little lamb :)

mile stones:
Nov 22: Found your nose and now your always picking at it
Nov 27 :First time you notice daddy was leaving so you yelled DADA and ran towards him and hugged his legs. when he shut the door you started to cry so i opened the window so you can watch him leave.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Have a Body Like Heavenly Father

Lesson 9
Nov 25 2012

I Have a Body Like Heavenly Father
I made a Body Dice from cardboard and drew different body part.
Each of the children took turns throwing the dice  and whatever the dice landed on, we would put our hands on! (got the idea here)

Than i made puppets to show them about the first vision Joseph Smith had,

and after all that we colored!

heres the body color page, i didnt print the front cover with HF and JC.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Well... She came and went :(

Waiting for grandma...

the morning she was leaving :(

saying good bye in the air port.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day!


First Thanksgiving dinner!

Walked to the Park!

She Loves Outside!