Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jesus Christ Created the World For Me

Lesson 7
November 11 2012

Jesus Christ Created the World For Me!
So today we learned about all the things Jesus Christ created.
we read Genesis 1:1 "In The Beginning God Created the Heaven and the Earth."
The we learned that Jesus made the SUN to give light 
(I had them raise their hands above their heads in a circle)
Then i told them about STARS how Jesus made them to see at night
(I had them open and close their hands like twinkling stars)

I had a picture of a Tree with Animals around it
and i told them that Jesus made TREES and PLANTS
(I had them stand up and stretched their arms high and pretend that they were trees blowing in the wind)
Then i showed them the ANIMALS
(and had them make the sound of each animal)

Then I told them that Jesus made ALL these things because he Loves Us!

For our Activity we Planted a Seed in a Cup!

I told them if they water their seed and put it where it can get plenty of sunlight,
the seed will grow into a plant.

and I remind them that Jesus Christ made the seeds, the soil, the rain, and the Sunshine.

( I took one at a time to plant their seed because we have a lot of young ones in our class.
So when i didn't have them with me i had them coloring a paper book.
(Link to color page to make booklet)

heres tesslyns booklet :)

Well we had a fun day today cant wait for next week!

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