Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Is a Day to Remember Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ

Lesson 8
November 18 2012

Sunday Is A Day To Remember Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ
Today we learned what we can do on Sundays!
I colored Pictures to show them what we do
Click Here for the pictures to print out.
I first asked them what do we do on Sundays?
and then one by one i would hold a picture up and tell them.
I saved Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ
for last because that's the most important one!
Then we made Fruit Loop Necklaces! 

And i made them pendants to go on their necklaces to remind them what we learned.
(I just researched on google image for church, scriptures, Family and HF & JC.)
I was going to let them color them but we ran out of time.
But i have to say they all loved making it. even the little ones, the loved eating all the fruit loops Lol!
here's my little girl and her necklace ~ I had to help her make it since shes only 12 months old.
(i took her dress off)

It was a big hit with the kids!

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