LDS Nursery

A couple of Sundays ago, I was sustained as Ward Assistant Nursery Leader. In this church, we are asked to accept positions or "callings" to serve in. These are not paid positions. Also during church we meet for three hours. The first meeting is Sacrament Meeting where everyone meets together. The second hour is Sunday school where we break off into various age groups and lastly there is third hour where we break of into age and gender specific groups. However nursery is a tad different in that for the last two hours, children from 18 months - 3 years meet altogether.
Now we can't just stick all these kids in a room with no supervision.

So there are people called to run nursery. Generally it is two people. Either a husband and wife, two women or two men.

You can probably guess that nursery is a calling most people dread. Two hours babysitting other people's kids while they get to go off to the adult oriented meetings? Many people turn their noses up at the very idea.
However when I think about Christ and his love of little children I can't help but feel like that is where he would want to be. And let's face it! It's more  fun to build up little children than it is adults.

Anyways this is a place where ill tell you what i did for my lessons each week :)

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