Sunday, September 8, 2013

Baby Shower!

So First I need to say im mad I forgot to get pictures lets just say we were planning to have it out side and that morning it was 90 degrees. and then half hour before the party this crazy rain storm came and so we moved everything inside. and then the window and the door started to flood the basement where we started to set everything up. it was crazy. but after all the mess we still had a great time with our friends.
so I had a Couple Baby Shower for my Friend
We played Baby Jeopardy that I made
It was a hit!

the Category's:
Animal Babies
100 Q:Fox, Bear, Lion, Tiger, Shark
A: Cub
200 Q:Elephent. Cow, Antelope, Hippo, Rhino, Whale
A: Calf
500 Q:Dog, Rat, Seal
A: Pup
1000 Q:Zebra, Horse, Donkey
A: Foal
2000 Q:Beavor, Rabbit
A: Kit
Nursery Rhymes 1 who is?
100 Q:Little Bo Peep
200 Q:Little Boy Blue
500 Q:Jack & Jill
1000 Q:Little Miss Muffet
2000 Q:Little Jack Horner
Nursery Rhymes 2
100 Q:What did the 4th little piggy do?
A: had none Roast Beef
200 Q:Who kept his wife in a Pumpkin Shell?
A: Peter Peter Pumpkin Shell
500 Q:What time was it mouse ran down the Clock?
A: One O'clock
1000 Q:Who did the blind mice run after?
A: The Farmers Wife
2000: Q:What did the Dog do in Hey Diddle Diddle?
A:The little dog laughed to see such sport (USA)
The little dog laughed to see such fun, (UK)
The little dog laughed to see such a sight (Australia) Version
Baby Babble
100 Q:Tobelt
A: Bottle
200 Q:Preadi
500 Q:Bluyall
1000 Q:Sentisab
A: Bassinet
2000 Q:Yabb Rodpew
A: Baby Powder
100 Q: How many diapers does the average newborn use in a day?
A: 8 to 10
200 Q:How many hours does the average newborn sleep in a day?
A:16 to 18 hours
500 Q:Newborns can see best at a distance of?
A: 8 to 14 Inches or Chest to Face
1000 Q:On average a newborns stomach holds enough food to keep him satisfied for how long?
A: 3 hours
2000 Q:How many soft spots does a newborn head have and where on the head?
A: 2 one towards the front of the head and one on the back of the head
Q: How much wait does the mother loss right after giving birth to the Baby
A: 10 to 13 LBS
I had it in its one Envelope and we gave each team a piece
of paper and they but how much points they wanted to bet (they only can bet how many point they have) and the answer.
we gave them one minute to write it down.
and then if they got it right they added the points to there score and if they got it wrong they lost those points.
How we Played... we just had two teams of 6. and we had one person on each team have a bell and there the only one that can tell me the team answer. we just went back and  forward on the teams to choose the Category's and the point amount and we had both teams play to answer the question. so who ever rang there bell first got to answer. if the team that choose the question got to answer first and they got it wrong they get negative the points and the other team got a change to answer for the points but if they got it right they get the points if they got it wrong they didn't get negative because they didn't choose the question. then its there turn to do the question.
We played Baby Pictionary
I had a Big White Board and had two teams
and I wrote up tons of baby things like...
Dirty Diaper, Dirty Laundry, Rattle, Bib, Burb Cloth, Spit-up, Bottle, Pacifier, Crib, Bassinet, Baby Sleeper, Baby Blanket, Crawling, First 3 Steps, First Words, Lullaby, Breast Feeding, Formula, Baby Monitor, Fever, Sick Baby, Thermometer, Sleepless Nights, ABC Blocks, Taking a Bath, Baby Hat, Teddy Bear, Booties, High Chair, Play Date, Crying Baby, Milk, Rubber Ducky, Stroller, Baby, Twins, Labor, Piggy Bank, Burping, Bills, Fainting Father, Changing Table, Rocking Chair, Hospital, Doctor Appointment, Baby Lotion, Onesie, Baby Rash, Bum Rash, Baby Bum, Playpen, Baby Swing, Bouncer, Nose Syringe, Feeding Baby, Toes and
Fingers, Baby Making, Gas
Next time I would do it a little different I would do two teams like girls VS boys and have to white boards and have them have the same word and have the board facing only there team and have them draw the same thing at the same time and who ever gets it right first gets the point.
My Water Broke Game
then I had ice cubes and in the ice cubs we had little babies some had twins lol and each person got one and who ever water brakes first gets a price! oh and they have to shout MY WATER BROKE!
I got two bags of babies at Hobby Lobby for 2 bucks each
The Toilet Plunger Game
SO this game is so FUNNY you have two teams lined up. one player from each team goes across the room looking towards there team mates. they have a toilet paper roll in-between there legs and they cant touch it. the first team mate that is lines up has a toilet plunger (Dollar Tree) between their legs
with the stick part sticking out in front of them. when the game starts they have to run across the room to the team mate with the toilet paper roll and have to get the stick part of the plunger in the roll with out anyone touching it. when they get it in the person with the plunger takes the roll and puts in between their legs and the person that had the toilet paper takes the plunger runs it to the next team mate in line and they have to do the same thing (put it in there legs and run across the room) you do this tell the first person with the toilet paper between their legs gets to run across the room with the plunger and sticks it in the toilet paper roll. and who ever team gets through all there team mates first WINS!
This Game will make you Laugh I Like to do Boy girl Boy Girl in the line. makes it more funning.

Halloween Costumes

My friend has a little daughter and going to have a little boy on his way.
so they wanted to do Peter pan theme since her little girl is in love with the movie!
 the little boy is going to be the alligator with the clock :)
and the mom is going to be captain Hook and of course the little girl is going to be
Tinker Bell and daddy is going to be Peter Pan. so far I made these costumes for them. :)
The Alligator I used was Simplicity A1753 for 2 bucks at Wal-Mart. and I just add the face, tails, claws, and bumps on the back.

For Tinker Bell I just did my own thing. I got the wings at the Dollar Tree!
(they have purple and pink too)
I got one yard of green fabric for the dress
1 yard of each green glitter and yellow netting
I had the trim for the straps but you can use the fabric
and I added green glitter ribbon on the waist
and we got 1/2 yard fleece for the shawl and a big gold button and Velcro


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

hey everyone! so I just joined Hot Mess Cosmetics! if you go to the website  if you want to throw a Party just let me know at and if you want to join the team we will be happy to have you!