Saturday, November 3, 2012

Refinishing TV Stand

So I been looking for a TV stand that wasn't a lot of money.
And ill the $150 ones in the store are dark cherry wood or black
two colors that i don't want in my house. and i don't want to repaint it if its brand new ether.
So finally after looking at the thrift stores and i came along this one.
it was $75 still a lot but it came with the two panels so i can have extra storage.
well after i got it home i notice it was LAMINATE!
and first i thought CRAP!!! how am i suppose to paint this.
After doing a lot of research i Finlay figured it out.
I'm going to show you step by step what i did.
what your going to need
  • Power sander
  • Sanding Block
  • Rags
  • Soapy Water
  • Foam Brush
  • Mini Foam Roller
  • Primer at walmart $19
  • Paint ( I used Better Homes Antique white 6022B Flat) its already mixed. i got it at walmart for $19. :) 
  • Folk Art 811 Antiquing Medium Down Home Brown (at hobby Lobby for $3) 
 In this picture you cant really tell but the corners and doors the laminate was coming off.

1st :  I took off all the doors and handles
2nd : I powered sanded the whole TV stand (you only want to get the shine off. don't hit the wood because it will just start to fall apart sense its not solid wood.)
and the parts where the laminate was coming off i sanded it tell it was smooth.
And i used the sanding block for the doors with glass so i can get into the corners.

3rd: using soapy water and a rag wipe down it down. try to get all the dust off.
you can use baby wipes but you'll go through a lot.

4th : Prime the whole thing i did 2 to 3 coats because I'm painting it a light color.
i used Zinsser 1-2-3 Primer at walmart for $19

5th : Here's the Fun Part Painting! I put two to three coats on.

6: Next you put some of this antiquing paint in a bowl and add water tell its really water down.
then have a extra bowl just with water in it. and two rags.

so you dip a rag into the paint mixture and wipe it all over your piece i lightly wiped it on i didn't want it to dark. and i didn't do it everywhere i wanted the white to show too.
Then you get a new rag and get it wet then you wipe over the paint you just painted on tell you get it the color you want you can repeat tell you get it the darkest you want.
I watered mine down a lot. i didn't want it dark at all.

7 : then i  used Clear Protector and i only coated it once beside the top i did 2 coats because its where it will be used more.  
I took off the Ugly Legs! and got new Knobs!
Just painted the legs to my coffee table. probably going to antique it.
and i found this on the side of the road on Garbage day
and i been needing one for my extra room. so i decided to paint it and
fix it up.


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