Monday, October 1, 2012

All About Baby Tesslyn (10 months & 3 weeks )

Tesslyn is growing so fast. shes already 20 pounds and 29 inches tall.
She has 4 teeth 2 on top and 2 on bottom.
she already knows how to wave good bye and blow kisses and of course clap her hands.
When she really wants to she knows how to give kisses. lol one day we were in the kitchen and Nate just got home from work, he was holding her and i told her to give daddy a kiss
So she makes fishy lips and goes for his lips and then she opens her mouth really wide and says MAUH! lol it was so funny and she kept giving me and Nate kisses all night lol.
Ever since she learned how to crawl she crawls every where. and she is standing on everything.
Her favorite thing to do is to walk with her walkers.
She stands up and starts pushing it all over the house.
She learned how to turn her walker around corners. she loves walking.
And when she gets stuck she crawls into a ball and starts to cry.
She always trying to walk when I give her my hands. she just laughs
and laughs when she walks.
Lately when she doesn't notice what shes doing she will be standing at the table and
she will have two toys in her hands and she will be balancing on her feet before she falls.
I'm pretty sure she will be walking soon.
Her favorite Toy is anything with Balls. she loves playing with balls. she throws them, she pushes them, she acts like there a car and drags them on the floor back and forward.
and lately she loves putting things away. we have a basket in our front room to keep all her toys in
and she will empty the basket and start to put them all back. she is always trying
to find a home for everything. it makes me laugh. and she loves to share,
She is always trying to hand me and Nate her toys.  
She Talks a lot. she is always saying Dadda, Momma, Bababa lol and she always mumbles to her self. its so cute its in a soft little voice. but then she has this ugly grunt noise she makes when she sleepy. she will just sit and grunt. lol.
She Loves to make noises with her mouth. shes always finding a new way to make a noise.
And she Loves Bathtime! anytime she hears the shower she starts to crawl to the tube and stands up on the tube and trys to get in. lol. she justt loves the water.
Anyways that's whats been going on with baby Tess.
Shes just a joy to be around. I love her so much!

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