Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Monkey Birthday Tesslyns 2!

Inside the goodie bags
Dollar Tree:
3 pk Balloons, 4 pk ring pop, 14 pk bracelet's
5 pk Sun Glasses, 12 pk Crackers
Harmons Cake: 

Made a Monkey Face!

Dollar Tree Ballons 80pk I got 4
Ballon pump 2.99 Hobby Lobby used 40% coupon on there app $1.80

Monkey Pancake

Hobby lobby green table clothes backdrop
yellow walmart

Felt happy birthday sign 4.99 yard

Adopt a Monkey
Dollar Tree Monkeys
and basket
Real Bananas

Felt monkey center piece

Monkey ears 4pk Dollar Tree Headbands
Hot glued monkey ears together can just do ribbion  for the bow to make it easy to make

Tray Dollar Tree
4 Kewi, 2 Bananas, 6 small cuties I had to keep refilling the oranges went fast

Birthday cake all done!!

Juices, water
Balloon Monkey (dollar tree they came in the 80 pk of balloons) googled how to make monkey balloon animals

apple and crackers

Garland, Dollar Tree table cloth 2 pink one white and taped it after I ruffled it.

2 white card board pink paint and mod podge and glitter

the monkey that started all the monkey love!!!
Pin the tail on the monkey hand painted on a white card board

8 Foam monkey tails and felt mask I just used tape to stick them on

card board box monkey toss! stands by it self. hand painted and 3 little round monkey balls

Both games was a hit I had 2 to 4 year olds at the party and they knew just what to do!

The three Mini little Monkey Best Friends!!

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